State of the Region Conference

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Bud Colligan: The State of Our Region Click here
Housing Panel: How Will We Make It Affordable Again Click here
Infrastructure: Finding the Political Will to Build 21st Century Infrastructure Click here
Health Panel: Nutrition and Health For All Our Children Click here
Environment: A Clean Environment Leads to a Healthy Community Click here
Public SafetyCreating Safe and Thriving Communities Click here


7:30 am          Registration & Networking
8:00 am          Welcome and Introductions
8:15 am          State of the RegionWorking Together for a Thriving Region
What are the key community health indicators that indicate the overall health and vitality of our region? Where are we strong and where do we need improvement? What’s a comprehensive and deeply collaborative vision for our region and our state, that builds on what’s working and strengthens or creates opportunities for more of our residents? How can MBEP help to realize this vision? 
                              Speaker:  Bud Colligan, Co-Chair, Monterey Bay Economic Partnership (confirmed)
9:00 am          HousingHow Will We Make It Affordable Again?
The Monterey Bay region has one of the worst housing affordability indices of all regions in the United States. There is a clear lack of affordable housing for the population. What can we do together to create adequate affordable housing that will facilitate and ensure a vibrant, diverse community that supports artists, educators, service people, students, and people from all socioeconomic backgrounds and regional industries?
Moderator: Casey Beyer, Executive Director, SCC Business Council (confirmed)
                              Wesley Van Camp, VP –Legal & General Counsel, Tanimura & Antle (confirmed)
                              Alfred Diaz Infante, President & CEO, CHISPA (confirmed)
                              Don Lane, Mayor, City of Santa Cruz (confirmed)
                              Linda Mandolini, President, Eden Housing (confirmed)
                              Dr. Lynn Reaser, Chief Economist, Fermanian Business and Economic Institute (confirmed)
10:00 am         InfrastructureFinding the Political Will to Build 21st Century Infrastructure
Communities need good roads, power, water, broadband, transit services, etc. to have a thriving community. Many regions are focused on building excellent infrastructure as a competitive advantage to attract and retain families and businesses.  What is the status of our infrastructure in the state and region? How do we develop sufficient consensus to create and then realize a 21st Century infrastructure in California and the Monterey Bay region?
                              Speaker:  Lenny Mendonca, Co-Chair, CA Forward (confirmed)
10:45 am         Break
11:00 am         HealthNutrition and Health For All Our Children
Recently passed California legislation mandates health care for all children living in CA. This legislation builds on Healthy Kids in Santa Cruz County, First5 Monterey County, and other statewide programs. How can we unite as a community to ensure that all children in the Monterey Bay region have an opportunity to thrive and become healthy, productive members of the community?
                              Moderator:  Alan McKay, CEO, Central California Alliance for Health (confirmed)
                              Larry deGhetaldi, CEO, Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Santa Cruz (confirmed)
                              Oscar Chavez, Assistant Director, Human Services, Sonoma County (confirmed)
                              Leslie Conner, Executive Director, Santa Cruz Community Health Centers (confirmed)
                              Britt Rios-Ellis, Dean, College of Health Sciences and Human Services, CSUMB (confirmed)
                              Ray Bullick, Health Director, Monterey County (invited)
12:00 pm          EnvironmentA Clean Environment Leads to a Healthy Community
Our region has been excellent in being good stewards of our natural environment. What have we been doing right and where can we improve, so that we continue to preserve and enhance our beautiful region while balancing the need for a sustainable and diverse economy?
                              Speaker:  Gary Griggs, Director, Institute of Marine Sciences, UCSC (confirmed)
12:30 pm          Lunch in the Sunset Dining Room
1:30 pm            Keynote:  California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom (confirmed)
2:30 pm
            Public SafetyCreating Safe and Thriving Communities
It is a basic right for each of us to feel safe and secure in our homes and communities. What are the factors that lead to optimum public safety outcomes and how can we collaborate as a region to create safe and thriving communities?
                              Moderator:  Rene Mendez, City Manager, Gonzales  (confirmed)
                              Jose Arreola, Director of Community Alliance for Safety and Peace, Salinas (confirmed)
                              Kelly McMillin, Chief of Police, Salinas (confirmed)
                              Sara Emmert, Youth Violence Prevention Taskforce, Santa Cruz (confirmed)
                              Ari Symons, Superior Court Judge, State of California, Santa Cruz County (invited)
3:30 pm           Break
3:45 pm           WorkforceAttracting and Retaining a World Class Workforce
Business, government, education and non-profit organizations are looking for good employees everywhere. Competition is keen. We have many good educational institutions in the area, but lack a coherent strategy for attracting and retaining key talent in the Monterey Bay region.  Where are we succeeding and where do we need to up our game? What else do we have to offer?
                              Moderator:  Mary Ann Leffel, Board Member, MBEP (confirmed)
                              Eduardo Ochoa, President, CSUMB (confirmed)
                              Lorri Koster, CEO, Mann Packing (confirmed)
                              Ken Kannapann, CEO, Plantronics (confirmed)
                              Nan Mickiewicz, CEO, Dominican Hospital (confirmed)
4:45 pm          Closing Comments and Call to Action

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