An Artist's Haven

The Monterey Bay Region is home to galleries, museums, performance venues and cultural events aplenty. There are no limits to the artistic expression and experiences available for all to enjoy. Whether you prefer film, fine arts, modern art, or cultural celebrations, the Monterey Bay Region will have something for you.

Monterey County is full of diversity, from regular farmers markets every week, which bring local farmers as well as artisans to the streets of Monterey, Pacific Grove, and Marina, to museums and local history, such as the Museum of Monterey, the National Steinbeck Center in Salinas and the Monterey County Agricultural and Rural Life Museum in King City. Carmel hosts art galleries featuring local and well known artists. Visit PacRep and Paper Wing Theatre Company for fantastic plays year-round. Find classes to fit your own artistic tastes. You can find fantastic live music throughout the County, with various flavors to suit your listening desires. 

First Fridays are a blast in Santa Cruz, featuring local artists and cultural wares. Museums like the Museum of Art and History, and the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum, connect you to the region, and the people within it. Visit one of the many independently owned movie theaters in the area for first run, independent and arthouse films. Sample wines from one of Santa Cruz's many tasting rooms. Whether it’s a celebration of culture, a landmark, or a historic event, there is always something going on in the Monterey Bay Region. 

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Did You Know?

Nearly 200 films have been shot in Monterey County, but locals still thrill to see the area on the silver screen. "We're a very film-friendly community," says the Monterey County Film Commission's Karen Nordstrand. "People still get a kick out of movies being shot here."