Partnerships for Progress

How are we able to promote the entire Monterey Bay Region as an economic hub for several industries, all while improving the business climate for our companies and employees? By partnering with excellent programs and organizations that are bringing innovation and growth to the area. In addition to the valuable relationships we’ve formed with our Partners, the Monterey Bay Region is home to some pioneering programs and organizations that are taking a fresh look at how we do business here.

Institute for Innovation and Economic Development
The Institute for Innovation and Economic Development at California State University Monterey Bay provides a venue for innovative ideas, support for commercial transfer of research and technology, and a support network and training through a partnership with the Monterey County Business Council. The Institute also educates and builds the knowledge and capacity of economic development professionals, and enhances the well-being of the region by facilitating the development of long-term economic development strategies.

Opportunity Fund
Opportunity Fund is a not-for-profit social enterprise helping thousands of California families build financial stability. Now California's leading microfinance provider, Opportunity Fund began based on the idea that small amounts of money and financial advice could help people make permanent and lasting change to improve their own lives. Since making its first loan in 1995, the Opportunity Fund team has deployed $297 million into communities statewide.

Steinbeck Innovation Foundation
The Steinbeck Innovation Foundation is expanding opportunities for researchers, students and entrepreneurs, and drawing corporate partnership to Steinbeck Country. The Foundation's initiatives all stem from close partnerships with regional and national leaders in academia and the corporate sector. They are also guided by the Steinbeck Committee — a high-level task force with representatives from a diverse array of our area’s business, nonprofit and governmental organizations.

UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute
UC Santa Cruz has been a key player in the Human Genome Project and subsequent breakthroughs in genomics research. UCSC researchers in a variety of disciplines are deeply involved in efforts to use the information encoded in genome sequences to transform the practice of medicine and our understanding of biology.

Santa Cruz Works
Santa Cruz Works (SCW) is a public/private partnership of leading tech companies, investors, educational institutions and government in Santa Cruz.  The organization is focused on developing a successful science and technology eco-system in Santa Cruz County, which includes jobs, learning about company best practices, inter-company networking, technology transfer from our educational institutions, and fostering government policies which are supportive of the science and tech eco-system.

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