MBEP's 3rd Annual State of the Region: Let's Get Moving! 

MBEP is hosting our third annual State of the Region conference at the Hyatt Regency Monterey on November 8, 2017. This year our theme is "Let's Get Moving!" which will explore how to break through inertia to get things done, and also more literally showcase ways to improve how people move around our region.

We have lots of good stuff up our sleeves, including an update to our Regional Dashboard that is helping to measure progress regarding our region's well-being.

This will again be a sold-out event, so don't wait to buy your tickets. Look forward to seeing you there!


For overnight room reservations at the Hyatt, click HEREA discounted nightly rate of $134.00 plus tax is being offered through October 9th

Agenda: Let's Get Moving!
November 08, 2017, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm, Hyatt Regency Monterey

8:00 – 8:30      Registration


8:30 – 9:00       Welcome: Kate Roberts, President, MBEP


9:00 – 10:00      Keynote:  Charles Marohn, CEO, Strong Towns

      Innovation In Transportation - How to Get People Moving Now


10:00           Moving Forward:  How to Build More of the Right Kind of Housing   

How do we optimize the location of housing near jobs? What specific actions can all our jurisdictions take to build more housing and make it more affordable. What is within local control?

Moderator: Sibley Simon, CEO, New Way Homes

Panelists:  Pilar Lorenzana, Deputy Director, SV@Home

                              Jan Lindenthal, VP Real Estate Development, MidPen Housing  

                              Rene Mendez, City Manager, City of Gonzales      

                              John Swift, CEO, Swift Consulting Services      


11:00                Break


11:20 – 12:20   Balancing Sustainable Growth and the Environment   

How do we get beyond the seemingly intractable conflict between the need to build more housing and the need to preserve the natural beauty and clean air we all love? How can we integrate providing affordable housing, creating good paying jobs, and delivering transportation solutions that are in harmony with our environmental priorities? How can we come together about the right kind of development that accomplishes shared goals?

Moderator: Chris Benner, Professor of Environmental Studies, UC Santa Cruz

Panelists:   Meea Kang, SVP, Related California

Michael DeLapa, Executive Director, LandWatch

William Ow, Principal, Ow Family Properties

Zach Friend, Supervisor, District 2, Santa Cruz County  


12:20              Presentation of the MBEP Community Impact Award


12:35              Lunch


1:40                Roundtable Discussions


1. Transforming Our Downtowns:  Creating Walkable, Livable Communities

Many downtowns in the Monterey Bay region are striving to create more walkable, livable communities, with housing, retail and more services.  Join this group of city managers leading the revitalization of their downtowns to find out their plans and proposals.

Moderator:  Charles Montoya, City Manager, City of Watsonville
Contributors: Martin Bernal, City Manager, City of Santa Cruz  

          Gloria Stearns, Economic Development Manager, City of Seaside


2. Monterey Bay Region: Leading the Way in Employer Sponsored Housing

Monterey Bay is leading other regions of California in creating employer sponsored housing—for farmworkers, hospitality workers, students, teachers, and medical professionals.  Why is this phenomenon happening here, what have we learned and what lessons do we have to offer other regions?

Moderator:   Matt Huerta, Housing Program Manager, MBEP
Contributors: Brett Harrell, General Counsel, Nunes Companies
                      Sarah Latham, Vice Chancellor, Business & Administrative Services, UC Santa Cruz


3. Employer “Best Practices” for Transportation Incentives?   

We will explore “best practices” for organization-led transportation incentives. What are the leading companies in the Monterey Bay region doing in the areas of flex time, video conferencing, carpooling, health incentives, and active transportation?

Moderator:   Dolores Nelson, Sr. Director, Global Facilities, Plantronics  
Contributors:  Larry Pageler, Director, Transportation & Parking, UC Santa Cruz

                             Barbara Meister, Public Affairs Director, Monterey Bay Aquarium  


4. The ACA Today: How Do We Stay Nimble Amidst Uncertainty?   

The Monterey Bay region has been a model of extending health care to hundreds of thousands of previously uninsured residents. In the face of perilously close upending of the ACA, what are major practitioners and health care providers doing to reinforce the gains of the past seven years and prepare for continued undermining of the current system?

Moderator:   Rosa Vivian Fernandez, CEO, San Benito Health Foundation
Contributors: Nan Mickiewicz, CEO, Dominican Hospital

          Alan McKay, CEO, Central CA Alliance for Health  


5. Moving People into Well-Paying Jobs: Industry-Education Collaboration  

The Monterey Bay region is home to strong partnerships between employers and educational institutions—in health care, construction, education and more. What makes these partnerships work and how can they be expanded to supply employers with the trained professionals they need?

Moderator:  Dr. Willard Lewallen, President, Hartnell College
Contributors: Dr. Mary Soltis, Director of STEM/CTE, Cabrillo College

                     Terril Lowe, Chief Nursing Officer, Montage Health/CHOMP  


6. Empowering Our Youth to Succeed  

Several of the region’s nonprofits have discovered the “secret sauce” to empower youth to realize their full potential. They have arrived at their success through different avenues but share some common approaches to confidence and skill building. Find out more what is working in these premier organizations.

Moderator:  Doron Comerchero, Executive Director, Food What?!  
Contributors: Diane Ortiz, Executive Director, Youth Alliance of San Benito County

          Martin Vargas-Vega, BizzNEST Web Consultant, Digital NEST


7. Maximizing the Region’s Transportation Infrastructure  

There aren’t too many more roads to build given the geographic and environmental constraints of the Monterey Bay region. So it is incumbent upon us to leverage the infrastructure we have more effectively—borrowing methods and techniques from other countries and regions, using technology, and innovating.

Moderator:   Bryan Jones, Principal, Alta Planning  
Contributors: Charles Marohn, CEO, Strong Towns  

          Debbi Hale, Executive Director, TAMC  


8. Realizing the Vision of the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail                    

The Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail is a 65 mile potential masterpiece for active transportation between Davenport in the north and Pacific Grove in the south. Find out what this scenic trail could actually be if we build on lessons learned worldwide and go all-in for active transportation.

Moderator:  Bud Colligan, Co-Chair, MBEP   
Contributors: Dr. Fred Watson, Professor, School of Natural Sciences, CSUMB

                                        Ryan Whitelaw, Board Member, Greenway   


9.    Moving from Ideas to Action: Ubiquitous Regional High-Speed Broadband  

Our region has made great progress in helping our residents gain access to high-speed broadband. This enabler of education and businesses alike has become a necessary component of a healthy and vibrant economy. The debate continues on how fast is “high-speed”. This discussion will tease out the issues and explore what it would take to get our region to full coverage of truly high-speed broadband.

Moderator: Steve Blum, President, Tellus Venture
Contributor: Ray Corpuz, City Manager, City of Salinas


2:40                Break


3:00                Keynote:  Statewide Elected Official (invited)

    State of the State


4:00                Wrap-Up/Next Steps


4:30                Wine Reception/Marketplace Open

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