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Radical Collaboration
April 24, 2015

Radical Collaboration


TedxSantaCruz 2015 was an event of radical collaboration of communities. Thought leaders of our region shared ideas and visions of making the world a better place and many of these ideas are in line with MBEP’s vision and key initiatives.


MBEP grew out of a desire to spearhead economic development by fostering a cooperative effort between public, private and civic entities throughout the region. A radical collaboration, if you will, with an intention for action, not just talk. It’s a collaboration to create a community with a higher quality of life to all residents of the Monterey Bay region.


During the recent Tedx Santa Cruz talks, local speakers explored ideas about radical collaboration to spark deep conversation and connections at the local community level. The talks covered a broad range of topics including: tech, education, environment, science, communication, and artistic expression. These topics were valuable to MBEP’s mission to create a thriving region with quality jobs, excellent education and higher quality of life, all the while preserving the natural beauty of its environment and healthy lifestyle.


MBEP’s top two key initiatives this year, workforce development and creating a tech ecosystem, were embodied by Dr. Dan Costa, Dr. David Haussler and Mr. Robert Singleton:


Dr. Dan Costa, Professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at UCSC, discussed environmental discoveries using technology during the TEDx conference. Local elephant seals took Dan from studying the gigantic marine creatures to inventing and designing a high tech tracker that followed them through the oceans. It started out by measuring their migration patterns but quickly developed into a device with the capability to measure immense ocean depths. This technology has developed further and further with time, and has ultimately developed into an avenue for measuring climate change. With more technological development, the opportunity to understand climate change is limitless.


Dr. David Haussler, Scientific Director at the UCSC Genomics Institute, explained how he and his team created the first open sourced human genome browser. It has taken endless hours to code the DNA sequencing for this technology that is now used at medical centers all over the world. By making this radical collaboration of information available online available to everyone, we are closer to curing cancer than ever before. David makes it safe to say there is no limit of possibilities when it comes to technology.


Mr. Robert Singleton, Co-Founder of Civinomics, proves a good point in his discussion around today’s millennial generation. Millennials are known for being disconnected from society and over reliant on technology, using technology for almost everything. Civinomics, considered a crowd sourced democracy, uses technology as platform to protest, participate and still have a voice in society, online.


Millennials, however, are also known for being diverse and optimistic even in a society when they are known for being the first generation in history to have a lower standard of living than their parents, with the housing crisis, student loan debts higher than ever and a lack of quality jobs. We need to break the cycle. But how?


MBEP can help. Living in a world where technology is hard to avoid, especially while located next door to Silicon Valley, the hub of all tech, the Monterey Bay region needs its own self sustaining tech ecosystem. We have the visionaries, we have the talent, now let’s create a workforce and job base where our talent can soar and our community can thrive. Visionaries like these from TEDxSantaCruz bring us closer to MBEP’s key initiatives of building a tech ecosystem and workforce development, and overall mission of creating a richer community and an overall higher quality of life to all residents of the Monterey Bay region.