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Lead. Impact. Thrive.
May 12, 2015

Economic development is a collaborative effort that transcends city and county boundaries. MBEP works to facilitate regional economic development among public and private entities across city and county lines. “Lead. Impact. Thrive.” embodies this mission, both in vision and action, as we work to promote economic vitality and enhance the quality of life for those who live and work here.

“Lead. Impact. Thrive.” means to shift the focus from individual communities to the entire region because we have shared values and limited resources. We believe that regional cooperation leads to better outcomes.

Leadership is:

  • Building relationships between thought leaders

  • Facilitating a shared series of goals

  • Providing the foundation of data and information our leaders need to execute

Impact is:

  • Tangible and measurable results of new partnerships and shared strategies

  • Thinking in terms of regional well being, instead of focusing on the individual

  • A continual process of improving what we already do well

Thriving means:

  • Fulfillment through advancement

  • Reinvesting in what we care about

  • Eliminating redundancies while maximizing existing resources

Today we announce the beginning of a blog series focusing on regional leaders who impact our communities in ways that allows us all to thrive. This series illuminates the work being done by our regional institutions and thought leaders in regional economic development by exploring case studies, shared stories, and through facilitated discussion.

We invite you to engage with us. These blogs feature interactive content and surveys for you, so we can gain a better understanding of the challenges facing our region, and how we can work together to thrive. Imagine what can happen when we all work together.

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